Our Cattery

We are very focused on having the best possible genetics and retaining the most sought Serval traits in the Savannah Cat breed.

Our cattery uses an F5 sire (where as most would settle for an F6) to have the highest percentage of Serval DNA possible. Male Savannahs are typically sterile until F6 due to being hybrids, but Winston is a proven fertile F5 Savannah.

Temperament and socialization are also very important when it comes to Savannahs, and our Savannahs are never caged or confined. They are raised with love and are socialized well. Many breeders do not practice proper socialization, keeping their Savannahs confined and it leads to behavioral issues or timidness.

Kittens are handled early and are accustomed to different people, dogs (which they often are huge fans of), and other cats. All kittens will be litter trained, test negative for PK Deficiency and PRA genetic deficiencies and are FeLV/FIV screened.

All of our Savannahs you see below are family and live in-house in their forever home.

Shiva is our TICA registered F3 female queen. She retains a lot of strong Serval traits we look for in the breed. She is mostly spotted with a light tan coat and has big-rounded ears. Shiva is a very intelligent cat and listens to commands quite well. She appears to have a serious no-nonsense look but she has a heart of gold and is a very friendly feline.

Winston is our TICA registered F5 male sire. Unlike most F5 males he is fertile. He has both spots and stripes and his fur has a tan/orange hue. His fur is very coarse, a sought-after Savannah trait. He also has long legs and a long body (reminiscent to a slinky). Winston is a sweetheart of a cat and can’t resist a good belly rub! We’re very proud to have Winston as our sire.

Pika is our 2nd TICA registered F3 female queen. She’s the sweetest kitty I’ve ever had and is very verbal and receptive to commands. She’ll even lay down and take a nap with you right on command. She has an exceptionally beautiful coat of spots/stripes, which are very thick black that her kittens also tend to inherit.

Zelda is a TICA registered F3 female queen. She’s the sister of Pika. She’s a big sweetheart and is super vocal. You’ll hear her often doing the famous “serval chatter”. She’ll talk back at you and she has a wide range of sounds she can make. Her coat is a light golden-brown color and she has mostly spots.