The healthiest thing you can feed a feline is a raw nutrient balanced diet. It also happens to be the cheapest option, though you’ll have to be sure to supplement extra vitamins into your recipe. You can feed a Savannah dry food as well but it must be primarily meat based. Avoid feeding your Savannah Cat dry food that features too much rice, corn, and wheat. If feeding only dry food you must supplement with a can of wet food each day.


Savannahs are not your typical house cat they are high energy and require daily mental stimulation. If you’re looking for a lazy house cat Savannahs may not be the breed for you. Upon first acquiring a Savannah, they may need a short period of acclimation to their new environment. It’s best to give them their own area while still making sure you get them accustomed to you. Socialization is very important as they can be somewhat suspicious of strangers.

Savannah Cats have a personality comparable to dogs. They are very intelligent, easily trained, and receptive to commands. You may wish to train your Savannah to walk on leash and harness, but you should be careful to make sure they can’t slip out due to their long slender bodies.

It’s best to research each generation of Savannah individually to gage which generation is best for you. The further removed from Serval their DNA is the smaller and tamer they will tend to be. Later generations may be a better choice for first time Savannah owners to become familiar with the breed.

Filial Rating

F stands for filial generation. A Savannah’s filial generation refers to how far from a serval they are. An F1 Savannah is the offspring of a serval and a domesticated cat, an F2 would be the next generation of offspring, onto F3, F4, F5 and onwards. The later the filial generation the smaller and more domesticated the cat will typically be.


Our cattery and all of our Savannahs are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). TICA is an organization dedicated to maintaining the standards and records of various cat breeds. You can visit their website here at: Our cattery is TICA registered and our TICA cattery ID for Allegany Savannah Cats is: 107174


Each state has different laws regarding Savannah Cat ownership. Please research your own specific state’s laws before purchasing a Savannah as laws are subject to change. Some states do not allow the ownership of lower generation Savannahs and may restrict ownership to later generations only.