What are Savannah Cats?

Savannah Cats are a hybrid breed, a cross between the African Serval and a domesticated cat. They retain the look and physique of a wild Serval with the tameness of a house cat. Notable features are their long-rounded ears, black spots, and large size as they are considered the longest domesticated cat breed.

They can be described as having a playful nature comparable to dogs with energetic and affection-seeking personalities as well as intelligent. They’re social creatures and require mental stimulation to keep themselves preoccupied which can include playing with toys, interactions from their owner, or even another cat or dog to play with.

Savannah Cats are classified by their filial rating as F and a corresponding number indicating how many generations removed from the African Serval it is. An F1 is a direct offspring of a Serval and a domesticated cat. An F2 is two generations removed and F3 and so on. Each generation harbors less of the original Serval’s DNA. TICA, (The International Cat Association) will also issue a code to registered kittens that will differ between those with a Savannah x Savannah ancestry. Due to their hybrid lineage earlier generation Savannahs are not considered purebred Savannahs and are not eligible for cat shows. F4 SBT Savannahs are considered the first purebred Savannah generation. Also take note that because they are hybrids, earlier generation male Savannahs are sterile and typically can’t be bred until around F5 and F6.

Available Kittens


F4-SBT Male

Born 4/17/24


F4-SBT Male

Born 4/17/24

Please Note: I have 2 kittens still available from a litter of 5 born on 4/17/24 that will be ready to leave 7/17/24. If you’d like more info you can contact me on Facebook or email ([email protected]).

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